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Are you concerned about your child’s well-being?

Imagine your child going through life equipped with the skills to deal with any situation, any emotion, in the best possible way! We have a range of workshops, courses, enrichment programmes, and coaching that will give you and your child just that - incredible skills for life:

  • Resilience
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Dealing with anger
  • Building confidence & self-esteem
  • Managing emotions
  • Deal with new situations and challenges
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Happy Confident Kids

Happy Confident Kids® specialises in enhancing the well-being of young people. Developed in the UK by Nikki and Laura, HCK have designed a fun and innovative way to help children realise their potential.

Using a combination of powerful techniques such as coaching, play-based therapy, neuroscience, craft activities and visualisation, we support your child to become resilient and confident.

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Happy Confident Kids

Michelle & HCK

Michelle is the first practitioner in New Zealand to partner with HCK. With the ever-increasing rates of anxiety among children in Aotearoa, Michelle is passionate about changing those statistics by giving young people the tools to approach life with confidence and resilience.

Michelle has extensive experience working with children and young people. For the past 10 years she has worked as a teacher and manager in early childhood centres, trained in therapeutic crisis intervention (TCI), worked with at-risk youths, and is also a foster parent.

Michelle is fully safety checked in accordance with the Children's Act 2014

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What's on offer:

HCK Workshops & Courses

3-week specialised course:

This course teaches children confidence, resilience, self-esteem and how to manage emotions.

3 sessions of 90 minutes.

Groups (up to 6 children)$220 per child


Confidence & well-being Teaching the core skills of confidence, identifying and changing the way we speak to ourselves and recognising what we are individually good at.
Exam preparedness Specifically designed to give confidence and assertiveness for students who are taking exams and need a bit more confidence.
Transition assistance Learn the skills to assist with transition, such as moving schools, changes at home etc.
Anger management Dealing with anger and overwhelm by teaching children the skills that they need to respond with calmness.

Workshops are $90 per child (maximum of 6 children, 60 - 75 minutes)

These workshops are also available for ECE and school groups of up to 30 students.

Contact Michelle for more information.

1:1 sessions

Individual sessions tailored to you and your children’s specific needs.

Pricing on request.

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Happy Confident Kids
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