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Coaching & training to move you from stuck to flourishing

If you're struggling with health, like chronic pain, or with everyday stuckness, like negative thinking & emotions, Michelle Willis can coach you to restore your joy, your health, your well-being.
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Lightning Process® Training

The Lightning Process® is an empowering and innovative training programme that focuses on the science behind how the mind and body interact

It provides you with the skills to positively influence your health and life.

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Children & young people

Helping children and young people become confident and resilient by teaching them skills and strategies to overcome negative thoughts and behaviours.

Michelle is a certified Happy Confident Kids® practitioner

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"I strongly recommend Michelle as a Lightning Process practitioner. Her calm, relaxed, manner and approach combined with an underlying strength forms a powerful combination."
Dr. Carey Martin
"Michelle taught me how to find a calm place. Now I sleep a lot better, and can be more calm."
Nicholas, (11 years old)

About Michelle

Michelle Willis

Michelle Willis is a passionate, qualified and highly skilled Lightning Process® practitioner, NLP coach, and Happy Confident Kids® coach.

Operating with deep empathy and kindness, Michelle is committed to helping you make amazing changes to your health and well-being. There is lots on offer: life changing training programmes, empowering coaching and ongoing support in your journey to wellness.

Michelle has a wealth of experience not just in the corporate world, but also coaching and teaching children, youth and adults. She’s a proud mum to three incredible boys, married to Daniel and loves travelling, hiking and running.

Our minds are the strongest muscle: super influential over all our health and well-being. Let me help you train it to become your biggest asset.

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